!-- 3 Most Important Supplements For Body Builders

3 Most Important Supplements For Body Builders

Most bodybuilders know that nutrition is the most important factor in creating their perfect physique and that training is a very close second. These bodybuilders also know the importance of supplementing their nutrition when there  training and nutrition programs are at their best.

Beginning bodybuilders are often lost when trying to choose which supplements to be on because they do not know which ones are the most important. They probably have buddies that are on anything and everything they can get their hands on,  which is what I call a supplement overload!

To avoid the supplement overload, stick to the three most important supplements needed by bodybuilders.

The three most important supplements  for any bodybuilder, beginner or advanced, are a quality multi vitamin/ mineral, protein, and essential fatty acids (EFA’s).  With these three supplements bodybuilders will be able to gain a greater amount of lean muscle tissue when they are following their training and nutrition programs properly.

Multi Vitamin/Mineral

It does not matter what the brand name is or what the packaging looks like, a quality multi vitamin/mineral is going to help your body operate efficiently. Without vitamins and minerals your body would not be able to change the foods that you eat into energy , hormones, and energy. Vitamins are organic compounds that are classified into two categories: fat soluble and  water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins are stored in the fat and if are taken in excess can be toxic. Vitamins such as; A D, E, and K are examples of fat soluble vitamins. Water soluble vitamins not stored at all in the body.  Vitamin C is an example of a water soluble vitamin.

Minerals are inorganic substances(substances that are not found in animals or plants).  Minerals are important because they help maintain body and brain functions, hydration levels , muscle and bone growth. Minerals are also classified into two categories: bulk and trace.

Bulk minerals are the minerals that are needed in large quantities in the body. The most important bulk minerals are calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous and potassium. Trace minerals are minerals that are not needed in large quantities in the body. Some trace minerals, for example are; zinc, cobalt, copper, and iron.


Protein is available in several different forms and can be quite confusing in itself because of this. If you are on a restricted supplement budget any brand of whey protein is your best choice. Whey protein is a byproduct of the process of pasteurizing milk. It is then micro filtered so that is can be a highly digestible substance that can be easily absorbed  and used by the body.  Whey protein is available in isolate and concentrate form. Whey isolates are sub-fractions of whey protein that can be most rapidly absorbed in the body and  are best ingested right after a workout. Whey concentrates take more time to breakdown in the body because they have not been sub fractured, this means they still have un-denatured proteins,  lactose, and fat.
Other sources that protein supplements contain are: egg, milk (casein), Beef (beef liver), and soy.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s)

Along side of essential fatty acids are omega 3 and omega 6. These fats need to be ingested because the body cannot create them. Good sources of these healthy fats are flax seeds, whole grains, and fish. They are also sold as oils, typically packaged and taken in capsule form. Your body needs these EFA’s so that it can maintain several body functions including but not limited to energy production, fat burning, and  brain and nerve tissue maintenance and development.

Many people think that only bodybuilders and athletes need to take advantage of supplements, but these three dietary supplements most widely used by bodybuilders are not to be limited to them. Any person wanting to improve their overall health, body composition and physical performance can benefit from these supplements.

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